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Meeting Your Needs, Every Time.

Calidus-Fathom Machinery has experience in a wide range of industrial applications for both automatic and manual processes. Custom solutions can be designed and fabricated to meet each customer's specific needs.

Automated Assembly Systems

  • Fastening, staking, pressing, bolt/screw driving, riveting, welding
  • Semi-automatic & fully automatic
  • Pallets with part fixturing
  • Robots & EOAT
  • Weld fixtures
  • Material handling
  • Assembly error-proofing

Automated Assembly Systems Portfolio

Material Forming and Machining

Material Forming & Machining

  • Custom CNC Machinery
  • Multi-Axis Wire Bending
  • Material Cutting, Forming & Joining Equipment

Material Forming & Machining Portfolio

Automated Test Systems

  • Online, end-of-line & offline
  • Function & durability
  • Destructive & non-destructive
  • Vision systems

Automated Test Systems Portfolio

Machine Rebuild, Retrofit & Safety Upgrades

  • Safety upgrades to meet current standards
  • Complete machine refurbishing & controls upgrades
  • Machine guarding

Machine Rebuild, Retrofits & Safety Upgrades Portfolio


  • Fully automated stand-alone degating machines for various injection molded components
  • Semi automated operator stations
  • Degating systems integrated with molding machines with quick change fixtures to accommodate various components, utilizing mold robot for load and unload

Degating Portfolio